Window Accessories


Brickmould Factory welded and installed with or without pre-drilled nailing fin. 3/4″ pre-scored tear away strip serves as J-channel to integrate with siding. Without fin install against brick or stucco as decorative trim plus covers gap between window and wall

Casing Trim

Vinyl casing trim offers a maintenance-free replacement for interior wood trims. Available in 2?” and 3″ widths. May also be pre-drilled and nailed/screwed or glued for exterior use. Wood also available in 4 types.

Cove Moulding

Used to replace wood quarter-round. The cove snaps into the designed accessory groove of every Gentek vinyl window and covers the caulking bead for a clean maintenance-free look that never needs staining or painting.

Drywall Return

Will snap into the designed accessory groove on every Gentek vinyl window, providing for neat snug finish between the window and drywall or wood trim. Available in two sizes: ?” and ?”.

Fork Moulding

Attached to the exterior accessory groove, fork moulding provides for the insertion of trim capping around the window, creating a clean finish as it covers the exterior rough opening and the caulking bead for a clean maintenance-free exterior finish.

Jamb Extenders

Extenders snap into the interior or exterior accessory groove to increase the depth of the window jamb and provide a complete maintenance-free finish. Sizes available to increase jamb depth from standard 3 ?” to 4?”, 6?” or 6?”. Also available in 4 kinds of wood.

Wood Box Frames

The addition of ?” plywood around the perimeter allows the window depth to be expanded. With the brickmould exterior finish, overall depth can increase from 4″ to 9″: with a vinyl J-channel exterior, overall depth can increase from 5″ to 15″. Vinyl J-channel plus vinyl cove moulding produce a maintenance-free finish for both the interior and exterior. Ideal for replacing decayed wood frame.